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Cloud Contact Center is the next step to delivering a superior telecommunications experience by enabling use of tools needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Multi-Channel Email, Chat, SMS & Social Media Queues

Allows businesses to contact customers via email, chat, text and social media. These interactions are easily managed with the Cloud Contact Center solution.


Inbound & Outbound Voice Queues

Businesses give their agents the ability to handle all call types. With our Cloud Contact Center solution agents can be configured to receive any mix of inbound and outbound voice calls based on their skill set.


Automated Call-Back & Click-to-Call

Businesses improve their customer service by giving customers the ability to call-back and click-to-call. With the automated call-back feature, customers will have the ability to receive a call-back instead of holding for the next available agent. With click-to-call businesses will be able to offer a call back service triggered by a web click.


Automated Threshold SMS/Email Alerts

Automated alerts will enable contact center supervisors to receive SMS and/or email alerts if a service level threshold is crossed.


Live Monitor, Whisper, Barge-in

With Live Monitor, businesses can monitor live agents and customer interactions. Users will be able to see the real-time status of their call center agent, queues, IVRs(Interactive Voice Response) and more. Customer experience is improved with whisper and barge-in features.


With our reporting tool, users will be able to get customized reports in a matter of minutes. No two businesses are the same and with our solution, they have the ability to create custom reports to get the data they need to efficiently manage their contact center operations.


The way businesses set up and manage the IVR is crucial to the successful management of customer interactions. The service provides the ability to design their IVR requirement and advanced IVR features. We have advanced announcement and bulletin features, both in the IVR and Queues.

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