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Premium IP Phone Service at Lowest Cost

Cloud Hosted PBX

Picking a business communications system can be a challenge. As soon as it’s installed, your organization’s outgrown it or new, must-have capabilities come to market. It’s hard to keep up. We deliver a carrier-class communications solution “as a service” from the cloud. There’s no system to install, so you can add seats or functionality on-demand.

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The workplace is changing, with IP-based cloud/hosted communications transforming businesses worldwide. Our advanced Hosted VoIP service will enable you to take advantage of this change, providing your business with a service that saves money and increases productivity.

Reliable Network Infrastructure


Most cloud unified communications providers run off a softswitch in a data center.
We’re not most cloud unified communications providers.

Here are 7 reasons why:

1. Diverse & Redundant Core Central Offices

  • Not just data centers

  • No single points of failure

  • Large redundant fiber rings

2. Midwest Presence in Chicago

  • Geographic redundancy

  • National call processing efficiency

3. Diverse IP Connections Across U.S.

  • 6 major carriers

  • 3 different network entrances

  • No single point of failure

4. National Footprint in U.S. & Canada

  • Local and long distance calling in 13,000+ calling areas

  • Diverse connections to the largest originating and terminating carriers

5. IP & TDM Connections to Databases

  • Caller ID/Calling Name (CNAME)

  • Local Number Porting (LNP)

  • Signaling System 7 (SS7)

6. National MPLS Connectivity

  • Enabling private connections for larger customers

7. Connection to Telax Data Center

  • Dedicated & redundant IP connection

  • Enabling hosted contact center services


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