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Users’ working life constantly moves from desk to laptop to smart phone to tablet. Now they can use all the features of a Hosted PBX solution from almost any device, whether they are at their desk, at home or on the move.

Our MaX UC Mobile application keeps you connected wherever you are. It’s a fully featured soft phone which enables you to send and receive calls, instant messages or video calls from any Internet connected device.

Instant Messaging/Chat

The Application gives you the ability to message and chat fellow workers with an easy to use, and intuitive customer interface.


Real-time Status of Co-workers

Powerful Presence capabilities allow users to see when their colleagues are available, offline, on the phone or in a meeting.


Contact Integrations

MaX UC Mobile integrates with Outlook so that click-to-dial and instant messaging can be integrated easily into email, as well as CRM applications and business productivity tools.


Call Control

Users can seamlessly move calls between devices and benefit from a series of mid-call features, such as transfer, park, hold, etc.


Call Recording

The service has an advanced recording capability, so you can remotely record and store calls, and easily access them as required.


Wi-Fi & 3G/4G Calling

This feature enables users to make calls from 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connections.

MaX UC Mobile is fully integrated into our advanced IP voice services network and provides reliable performance and great support. Your sensitive information is safeguarded with our industry standard security and privacy measures.


By enabling team members to work from any location, a new method of working and MaX UC Mobile becomes an important part of your business continuity strategy.

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